In Cold Blood ( Truman Capote, 1966)

Capote spent 6 years researching for writing this book about the Clutter family murders in 1959. It was the first Non-Fiction book seen so far. I really think it is a masterpiece.


American Psycho ( Marry Harron, 2000)

Patrick Baterman is one of the best anti-heroes that I have met on the big screen. He has got the worst qualities that a person could be and he makes me cry with laughter.


Bandaids on Bullet Holes ( Roxy Epoxy and the Rebound, 2009)

When I first listened to this album, I was horrified by the sound. It seemed to be the Banshees. An imitation. After a few tries, I realized they do have a pretty particular and own sound. I love it from beginning to end.


Milenio 3 ( Iker Jiménez 2002-2015)

A radio program could be your best company when you need to be at the office on a quiet Saturday. Milenio 3 scared me ( and the entire country) to death for years.


The Prince Charles Cinema ( London)

A cinema has always been one of my favorite places to be. The Prince Charles cinema gave me very good times with their Movie Marathons, seasons, and events. I miss it so much.

Favorite Hobby

Buy cheap and nice vinyl records ( London)

It is a fact that buying records in Spain could be a difficult task. I love spending time in the Portobello Record shops; finding some treasuries and having lunch at Byron´s.