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The Product

Nekko is a web APP for Adult Children to monitor their Aging Parents.

You may see the Nekko prototype here.

The Issue

Some adult children must look after their children and their parents both at the same time.

Elderly people can´t do some stuff due to some physical problems or just because they are not young any longer.

How could we help adult children to look after their parents and help them out even if they don´t see each other in a few days?

That was my starting point when I started this project.

The Research

35 users completed the online survey, and these were the most interesting points for adult children:

  • They spend too much time at work
  • Money is a handicap for making their aging parents´ life easier
  • They also have children and those are taking most of their free time daily basis
  • They are not asked for help


To find out some more about the previously mentioned pain points, I interviewed 5 users. 3 of them where adult children and the other 2 where elderly people who have adult children.

As a result, I identified a few interesting aging parents´ pain points :

  • They don’t ask for help until they need it, as they don´t want to be a pain for their children
  • They feel very frustratedly about making medical appointments and tests
  • They say not to need any help. However, if their children help them out daily, they have no complaint about
  • They don´t usually carry their mobile devices at all times

With regards to  Adult children :

  • They love their parents and want to be there for them. Unfortunately due to Work, their children and some other duties, they can´t make it every day, but they try to see their parents as much as possible
  • They are afraid that something could happen to them
  • They need to have 6 senses to identify their parents´ needs as they are not usually asked for help

I had to collect all of that information and analyze every single detail to keep working on this project.

If you want to find some more about how did I organize the information, you may read this post that I wrote on Medium.

By the end of the Research, I had Marta, my user persona, and a problem statement. 

Meet Marta, Our User Persona

Marta, our user persona information

Problem Statement

Marta needs to be there. She needs to feel she is willing to help at any time.

And this is the Nekko main concern.

How could Marta help her parents even if the doesn’t see them every day?

Marta may be able to help them out with a few things… also, she may feel more relaxed if she is able to monitor them. 

Information Architecture

Nekko was built 3 different features ; a GPS where an adult children could locate their parents at any time if necessary, a calendar in which an adult children could control some «To do» stuff , such us medication or information exchange with any other relative. Also, the APP could connect some GP´s via API for making appointments.

Nekko sitemap

First Nekko concept test

At the beginning of my design process, Nekko was supposed to have a dashboard showing some relevant information such as the Next appointments or some reminders on the calendar. 

Users didn´t find any relevance to this information. Nevertheless, they found that GPS was the most important information for them on the Web APP.

They also thought that sharing some information on the calendar with some other people could be very helpful. 

The Wireframes

The dashboard was replaced by GPS and also, I made some iterations on the Calendar, so information could now be shared by users. 

Nekko wireframes


Nekko has been designed for someone who needs to look after an elderly person. The most important feature is the GPS, where a person could be located at any time. The user may also have a calendar in which take some information into account and share this information with some other people via APP. Also, there is a functionality that allows to connect an API with the GP and make appointments.

Last but not least, there is a setting section in which the user may configure the security area for people who need to be located via Gps, and some other settings such us GP, and synchronize a calendar with some other ones.

Visual Design

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Check The Prototype!