The Product

TBA is a Web APP for Musicians, Promoters and Venues to get in touch themselves in order to book their «To be announced » dates.

You may see the TBA prototype here.

The Issue

Every time that a Band or Artist from the Underground scene needs to Books their Tour dates, has the same issue once and again. Some of these dates remain on a TBA status, which needs to be booked asap.  Sometimes they make it,  sometimes they don´t.

TBA pretends to be an international network between Underground Artists or Bands, Promoters and Venues.  Once they are visible on the APP, the may be able to help each other and fill in their TBA dates. 

The Research

Word of mouth used to be the way of contact between promoters and bands 10 years ago, but the situation should be different now, as Social Media and the Internet should have made things change. I needed to find out how would a band make contact nowadays and also, what sort of venues are they playing at, which is why I made a survey that I sent online and had 5 users to interview.

Insights I found in Survey & User Interviews

  • Musicians don´t usually take any risk with the places they go on tour. They visit the same places if they have any contact there
  • Word of mouth still a principal way of contact
  • Musicians could play anywhere. A club, A Festival, A Squatter, even in a Museum or in the street
  • Musicians look for accommodation included if possible
  • Any contact coming from promoters has a expiration date. Contacts are not forever

Meet The Band, Our User Persona

picture of sonic avenues, our user persona

Sonic Avenues, Loud Punk Rock  Since 2012

7 Years playing. 4 Lp´ s & 4 Ep´s Out. More than 200 gigs in 18 Destinations.

They live in Canada and usually visit Europe on tour once every two years.

They wish they could make a living with music but they couldn´t make it so far. However, they love music, they love meeting people who love music too, and they really enjoy touring and playing across the world. 

Problem Statement

In a Non-COVID-19 world, Sonic Avenues are going on Summer Tour in 2021 and still have 5 places with TBA dates. They haven´t got any contact there and they are going to need to ask for help.

Concept Sketching

When I started the sketch, my main concern was about the different figures that could organize a gig. A person who loves music could be the perfect promoter for the APP, but there are also professional promoters and different sorts of venues. How could I make them all fit on the APP?

TBA concept sketching

Information Architecture

TBA was built to have 3 different user flows; sign up as an artist, promoter, or venue. I centered the design in the artist flow.

The most important features are the finder and the user profile, as those are the main options for a band to find a gig or being discovered by someone.

TBA is about searching for gigs and looking for bands.

TBA sitemap


You may sign up as an artist, venue or promoter.

My project has been designed centered on the artist flow. When signing up, an artist may be able to complete their profile, in which they will be able to place pictures, songs, a bio, and the most important data, their TBA dates.

Also, there is a gig section in which they would be able to find some gigs to play. Once they contact the promoter or venue, they will be able to talk with them over the chat.

Usability Testing

15 Users tried the prototype from the Initial Sketch, as a Concept Testing, to the final UI. There was the main issue that I had to iterate. Is Was located on the Gigs screen. Users needed more precise information :

1) Who has the Gig ad been posted by? 

2) What If I need to search for something very precise?

Other Sections were fine for them so far.

In order to solve these issues, I added a Tag in every single add, so the user may be able to see where does the gig comes from. I also inserted a filter area, so the user may be able to check gigs as per the ads section, finder o filter. 

Check The Prototype!