Introduce Yourself

My name is Teresa. I am a Junior UX Designer, with Hospitality background. I have worked for 7 years in a Sales department, as part of the e-Commerce team, and this is how I became interested in technology and studied Digital Marketing and Web Design in my free time.

A couple of years ago I attended a conference in which they talked about User-Centered Design and Best Design practices and I loved it. A design process wouldn´t make sense at all without good Research and Concept & Usability testings. Users are the Key to improve any Digital experience. I thought knowing some more about UX Design would be such a good complement for me so I studied a UX Design master and started to work as a Junior UX Designer in January 2020.

What technical skills could you bring to the team?

Since I was a kid, I have had both strong methodical and analytical skills that are being very useful at personal and professional levels.

I also consider that I am an empathic person with my colleagues, company standards and clients. I have always been part of a team in which we all have been a piece in order to provide the best Customer Experience as possible. I have been dealing for years with both Corporate and Direct clients and knowing about their worries and expectations, so I could have had a good approach to their Insights.

What personal values do you apply as a Designer?

I do apply resolution, tenacity & adaptability ( as a Design is never finished) and plenty of empathy ( with our clients, as a part of a team and with our users). I think as Designers, we need to be able to communicate with our colleagues and have the superpower to listen to our users and leave our ego apart when working on a project.

How do you make User Research?

I do some Benchmark in order to find out what competitors are doing and how. It would give me some context of the current situation.

If there is an existing product, I would make a heuristic evaluation so I would have some good base information.

I do collect some useful Quantitative information from User Surveys that I do expand with Qualitative information on User Interviews or Focus Groups.

I also do a Concept and some Usability tests with users, so I am able to improve a digital experience with all the insights that I have collected on the tests.

All the collected information needs to be analyzed in order to identify user insights and being able to iterate the product.

Why do you think is important to make Wireframes?

I think making wireframes would help organizations to save money and time. You might be able to test with users an idea and/or usability on the design and help them to detect some mistakes that can be fixed.

What details do you pay attention to when designing an interface?

I pay attention to accessibility, inclusivity, proportion, hierarchy, legibility, data organization, coherence, consistency, writing, and interactions. I take the 10 Heuristic principles into account and try to be clear, concise, useful, and consistent along with the Design.

What Design methodologies and tools do you use?

I use the Design Thinking methodology for my projects plus plenty of Post Its.

I have worked with Testing Time and our client database for Users Caption.

I have used Google Forms and Typeform for making User Surveys, and Optimal Workshop for making Card sorting.

I have used Google Hangouts and Lookback for interviewing users.

I do use Sketch and UX Pin and InVision for making prototypes and interaction. I know Figma, Adobe XD, Axure, Flinto, Marvel, and Hotjar for making prototypes and interactions too, but I have never used them.

I use Miro, Whimsical, and Xtensio for making documentation such us Mind Maps and Affinity Diagrams, User Flows, Flowcharts or User Journeys.

Do you know HTML and CSS?

Just a little bit in order to understand both of them. Unfortunately, I haven´t done any project so far.

What are you looking for in a company?

I am looking mainly for a good environment ( a place where I could spend my days having a good working relationship with colleagues and managers).

I am also looking for Leadership. I have had some managers in the past that inspired me to innovate and think creatively and that made me happy at professional and personal levels.